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Founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 2020, SQUARE is a holding company investing in learning Technologies, which operates through venture builders and investment in startups. Its partners have worked as investors, founders, CEOs, CSOs or CTOs of many startups and pioneer funds in this market, besides large education groups over the past 25 years.

SQUARE’s goal is to connect entrepreneurs, investors, executives, scientists, engineers, academia, and industry experts in the education ecosystem. SQUARE uses this network as part of its commitment to help companies in the portfolio to expand their businesses to transform education in Brazil and in the world.


Get to know the startups we have invested in to transform education in Brazil and in the world.

Layers Education

Part of Square's ecosystem since December 2021

Founded in the city of São Caetano do Sul/SP in 2018, Layers Education is a startup that integrates education applications for basic education institutions, students and their parents.

Motrix Techknowledge

Part of Square's ecosystem since August 2021

Motrix is a startup venture built by SQUARE and one of the main components of our ecosystem.


Part of Square's ecosystem since January 2022

Devised by a teacher and founded in 2015 in the city of João Pessoa/PB, Qstione is a startup that came to meet pedagogical and evaluation demands from students.


Part of Square's ecosystem since January 2021

Flexge has developed an online platform for the teaching of English combining active learning methodologies, hybrid and online teaching and the best that technology can offer.


Part of Square's ecosystem since September 2020

Baya is a group of enthusiasts in creative learning. It develops collaborative unique solutions of active methodologies integrating STEM, BNCC and IB to meet the needs of schools, families and students.


Part of Square's ecosystem since March 2023

Founded in 2008 in the state of Amapá, Proesc has developed management software for private educational institutions.


Part of Square's ecosystem since May 2023

Founded in 2020 in Mexico City, Lírica is a company specialized in digital educational communication, created to strengthen communication between institutions and families.


Part of Square's ecosystem since November 2023

Nolej's mission is to become the preferred AI toolbox for educators and their institutions. It's not just about tools to help traditional educational pathways, but a dynamic AI-driven approach that adapts to each learner's unique goals and needs.

Mobile Brain

Part of Square's ecosystem since November 2023

With a simple and playful collection protocol, Mobile Brain has developed a set of indexes that allow monitoring one's narrative complexity, which gives indications about their cognitive processes status, in addition to predicting decoding performance and reading comprehension for students of the 1st and 2nd year of elementary school.


SQUARE is defined by the experience of its founders in the education, technology and entrepreneurship segments.


Co-Founder – Chairman of the Board


Co-Founder – Chief Executive Officer


Co-Founder – Chief Scientific Officer


Co-Founder – Chief Technology Officer


Co-Founder – Chief Operations Officer


Chief Financial Officer


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